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Strawberries - A Lesson in Perseverance

The June Garden

June Garden (52 of 1)-2 June Garden (52 of 1)-3
June Garden (52 of 1)
June Garden (52 of 1)-4
June Garden (52 of 1)-5
June Garden (52 of 1)-6
June Garden (52 of 1)-7

I thought I'd share a few tidbits from the garden in early June with you all.  

The garden has a little bit of a late start this year, as the weather stayed colder than usual in April and May in upstate NY.  Within the past few weeks however, its growth rate has picked up speed, and it's almost back to "normal."  

We picked the first strawberries on Sunday.  I always like to get them out of the garden quickly, before the birds give them a nibble.  The rat's tail radishes are just beginning to flower, the walking onions are just starting their walk, and as of right now, the tomato plants look really happy.  I don't know if they'll feel the same way at the end of June, so I'm documenting their happiness right now.  I also discovered some native columbine in the front garden beds.  I think it's been there all along, but it only flowered this year.  

Peas are almost ready for picking, and we had a simple kohlrabi salad last night (thinly shaved kohlrabi with olive oil, salt and pepper).  We've been eating something from the garden every night for a month or so, and the productivity should surge within the coming weeks.  

Are you eating from your garden?  What's producing in your climate zone?