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DSC_5938(My almost finished shawl - very difficult to photograph while it's still on the needles.)

Tim found this book, Recipes from the Root Cellar hiding in our guest bedroom.  Apparently, he had purchased it for me last summer for my birthday, and had forgotten the purchase.  Since we'll have nothing green from the garden for at least a month (maybe more), we've been heavily relying on the stores from our pantry and freezer.  I've always been a "recipe" person, and these recipes are fantastic!  Seriously, if you've always been wondering how to cook those winter root vegetables, check out this book.  This far, we've been able to stick to our 200 dollars a month food budget and still eat healthy.  

In leisure reading, I finished the book Gone Girl within a few days.  I was probably the last person in America to read this novel, and I can see why.  I didn't learn anything from this story, and I certainly don't feel smarter, but it was still quite engrossing.  Even though all of the characters ultimately annoyed me, I just had to find out what had happened. I've now just started Mary Coin.  


Spring is kind of making an approach.  The sun is warmer, and even the wind feels different.  Still, today will only be in the 20's.  The early days of spring are my favorite time of year to go on long, leisurely walks with my dog.  If it was up to her, we would walk 20 miles a day.  I like to stick to three or four, and just wander around the country roads that surround my house.  I've also taken up the habit of collecting the garbage that just piles up along the roadside.  I can't even understand some of it.  This past week, I found the pull tab from a frozen pizza box. Who the heck is microwaving in their car?!  If I can remove even some of the trash, and send it off to it's proper home, it makes me feel a little better.  I know there will be much more when the snow is gone.  


Orphan Black is now on Amazon Prime.  I now have some knitting tv until the snow melts and the ground thaws.  Score.