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Spending my time frugally...

Free time has been easier to come by in the past few weeks, and I've found myself making careful choices about how I spend that time.  Part of being frugal means finding ways to fill my time without resorting to spending money.  It really required a change in my thought pattern.  I think about what's available for free first, before resorting to pulling out my wallet.  I've found that I've begun to find more thrill in saving money than in spending money.  A well thought out or planned purchase still shows it's glimmer, but wasteful spending just makes me annoyed.  

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The above photo showcases a sweater near completion.  

As you might expect, I still adore knitting.  Like most knitters, I've acquired quite the stash of yarn.  Some of it is left over from previous projects, and some I purchased with a project in mind.  I don't often dart from project to project, but I seem to like sweaters the best, and yarn I've purchased for other projects has sat neglected on a shelf.  

I don't find my yarn purchases wasteful, because I do transform the yarn into warm and useful goods.  Still, I've found that I'll purchase "new" yarn or a "new" pattern instead of looking through my already extensive supply.  To stem the tide, I've bookmarked several projects for the next few months that make use of the yarn already on my shelves.  There will be socks.

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A very bright I-pad in a very dark room.  

I also rediscovered my library's online features.  I can reserve and read e-books without ever traveling to the library. There's a waiting list for most of the best sellers, but I can add myself to the queue, and when one book is finished, I generally have another available to download.  As this winter has continued to be quite cold and miserable, I've found that my wool blanket and a book can distract me from shivering.  Most of the books I lend are fiction.  I'm more likely to buy a reference book, but I'll try to find a used copy before buying anything new.

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Probably the most difficult task this winter has been finding ways to spend time outdoors.  It really has been a brutal winter and days in the 20s have been hard to come by.  On days that the weather conditions are somewhat pleasant, Tim and I have taken to exploring local trails.  We have some within 10 minutes of our house that we've never investigated.  Mabel absolutely loves the snow, and has really appreciated our new found pursuit.  Of course, the trails are free for the traversing and the excercise is appreciated also.  

Once the ground thaws, the garden will take up most of my free time.  I've been busy organized seed orders, and editing my seed starting calendar, and creating a bed planting design.