Phipps - Pittsburgh, PA
Planting the fall garden

Elderflower Berries


This summer, during the times when I walked Mabel, I noticed pretty white flowering bushes along the side of the road.  I thought they might be elderflowers, but at the time, I was too busy to check it out.  Besides, it was in the nineties through most of July, so I left much of the dog walking to my husband.

This past week, I noticed the bushes again, only this time they were covered with purple berries.  I was pretty sure there were elderberries, so I check online for verification.  I was correct!  

I was so happy with myself, because many of my foraging adventures have ended with an empty basket.  I still haven't found a morel patch, and I've never found any ramps.  But here were the elderberries, right down the road.  The best part was that the bushes are situated in a ditch, and from where I was positioned, they were easy to pick.

After a thorough survey of recipes, I decided to make some elderberry syrup, and I also dried some of the elderberries our dehydrator.  


The dried elderberries will be used to make a tincture during the winter, and the syrup will probably be gone in a month or two.   Next year, I'll be sure to harvest the elderflowers earlier in the season. 

Have you found any food through foraging?