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Planting the fall garden

A couple of weeks ago, we planted our new fall crops into the garden.  At the time, Tim was out in the garden with me, and I asked him to take some photos for a blog post.  Of course he did so, but then those photos disappeared into the oblivion of his studio.  He's always editing a wedding or portrait session, and in August, he's rather busy.  I often don't see him until after the sun has set.  Therefore, the blog post waited until Tim had the time to send me the photos.  


It can be cumbersome to remember to plant fall crops.  At this point in the year, the garden is heavy with crops that need to be harvested and processed that day, and that takes quite a bit of my time.  Still, I know that I'll appreciate the fall veggies at the end of September, and through early October.  I prefer to eat fresh from the garden as long as possible, and that means lots of spinach, and lettuce, and broccoli.  

I also planted some fall cabbage, kale and cauliflower.  My appreciation for the brassicas has grown since I've been gardening, and I'm actually looking forward to that first cool day when I can grab some kale from the garden and throw it into a warm pot of soup.  

This year we finally planted another brassica - collard greens.  They're a new found favorite.  The greens will continue to produce as long as only the side leaves are picked, and they make a great "alternative" green during the fall season.  

Do you plant a fall garden?  What do you include?