A New/Old Garden Swing

A Couple of Etsy Purchases

I thought I'd share a couple of purchases we made recently from Etsy.  My husband, Tim, is a very good etsy shopper, and I usually love his picks.  This time he decided on two new items that perked up the back area of our yard we recently cleaned out.  (It had been rather sad and neglected for the last three years.)

The first is a really cute ceramic bird feeder from Bear Hollow Pottery.  I wish I had a picture of a bird on it, but none were around when I took this photo.  They were on it within days, even though it's in a entirely different location.  Its design is very bird friendly.  

The second purchase was this extremely comfortable hammock from Veronica Colindreas.  Sadly, we haven't had much time to lounge in it since it arrived in the mail, and we probably won't any time soon.  In the minutes that we "tested" it, it was like some weird Ace Ventura experience.  The chickens dropped by in curiosity, and Charlie sat next to us and meowed.  

Well, she always does that, but this time were were swinging from a hammock.