Sunday Photos - February 12, 2012
Victory Gardens and Rationing during WWII

Google Friend Connect is Ending - Argh.

So,  I recently found out that google friend connect is going to retire on March 1st.  I'm a bit frustrated by this fact, as I had most of my followers from GFC, and I also followed quite a few blogs through GFC also.  Apparently, google is trying to push users to utilize google+, which is smart move on their part.  Bloggers are usually at the forefront of new technology, and if they go over to google+, many others will follow.  I'm not quite ready to switch over just yet.  For now, if you've been following me through GFC, please subscribe to my RSS feed.  I'm going to try to change over my blog subscriptions also.  You can also follow me through facebook.  I'm going to keep this post at the top my blog for the next few weeks, and I'll be repeating a shorter version of this message at the bottom of each post for the near future.  

Any suggestions?  Why are you doing to deal with the change over?